We review the new album from Monica Frank – The Stargazer Collection: A Bowie Tribute

Available to stream now across all your favourite streaming channels is this stunning 9 song compilation from Manhattan School of Music Alumni, Monica Frank.

When you see the word ‘tribute’ it’s easy to assume that what you’re going to hear is a poorly mimicked version of one of your heroes but what Monica delivers here is something quite different and utterly stunning.

The Stargazer collection is a beautiful and atmospheric piano composition of all of our favourite Bowie songs (including Starman, Life on Mars and Heroes).

Mentored by Bowies’ former Pianist Mike Garson, Monica has learned from a true master and delivers pure magic on the keys. Mike Garson said of the album: “Monica has created some astounding piano versions of some of David’s greatest songs.  She also performs them very well.  I’m sure if David was with us he would have liked them a lot.”

This album is something that I wouldn’t normally choose to listen to but I actually found it quite therapeutic and relaxing and there is no denying the artist possesses a clear and natural flair for the instrument.

But whilst it was great to hear the Bowie compositions, (obviously, I was going to have to play some actual Bowie later on and sing along), the 3 original Mike Garson compositions at the end of the EP are a delight.

Probably because I haven’t heard them before and I didn’t have lyrics to mind, I was able to sit back and enjoy them a little more.