Born and raised in Argentina before emigrating to Israel later in life, Pablo Embon has released 20 original albums so far. With his latest “Sunrises every Night” due out later this year.

The self made music producer cites listening to albums such as “Dark Side of the moon”, “SGT Peppers lonely hearts club”, and “A Night at the Opera” as what inspired him to pay attention to all the details within the music. Picking up instruments along the way and developing his repertoire.

Pablo Embon does is all. From performing, recording, mixing and producing his own music. You’d be surprised to find out that this multi talented musician has a hearing impairment in one ear. Clearly, it’s not an obstacle as 20+ years and albums can verify.

Speaking of his latest album Embon describes it as “A concept that wraps around the idea that people must find their own daily miracles in life in order to move forward and grow.

Not being a fan of Jazz, blues-infused music I found it really difficult to listen to the album. I can see it appealing to those who appreciate the electric feel of the multitude of different instruments coming together. But to me it just reminds me of being on hold to a customer service rep, or the journey in a lift (elevator) in a posh hotel or restaurant. As much as I tried I couldn’t enjoy the music.

I appreciate the incredible instrumentals and the talent involved immensely but I feel the whole concept was lost on me. Which was disappointing. There was a point in “A better day” when we hear some soulful harmonies and I felt drawn in. But we don’t hear any vocals until we reach “SUENOS” which translates to Dreams. The lyrics unfortunately are lost on me due to the language barrier. However, you can definitely appreciate the soulful voice coming through and the perception it gives off.

My overall favorite is “CHANGE” reminding me of the beginnings of a Randy Jackson song. This could slot into an animated film easily or even the musings of a cheesy sitcom. It’s fun it’s very jazzy and enjoyable. With an incredible smoky vocal that would, I’ve Michael Buble a run for his money. This is definitely the song that won me over.

In all, as stated the whole idea of Jazz doesn’t enthrall me. But not being a fan of a particular genre doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate the dedication and stylings needed to bring this whole album together. I found myself walking round scating after this album which amused me because I cant scat. But that’s the beauty of Jazz I suppose.

I look forward to hearing “CHANGE” on a tv in the future. It definitely has the potential to become an iconic song.