Galway based ‘pMad’ have released their newest album ‘I in Power’.

They describe themselves as ‘Post-Punk, Gothic Indie Rock’, which I agree.
If you want a mix of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Pet Shop Boys and The Smiths, this could be your answer.

It makes sense, as their influences are the likes of The Cure, Killing Joke, Echo and the Bunnymen, Rammstein, and Depeche Mode.

Dissecting the album track-by-track, let’s go…

Let’s start with ‘Confession’.
It has a bit of a classical intro, something I wasn’t expecting, then the vocals kick in, reminds me a bit of a synth-like Human League or Pet Shop Boys.

The vocals are strong and really compliment the backing track, a masterpiece.

So if you fancy a bit of nostalgia, this is a perfect start, and is a good start for the album as a whole.
I remember thinking I’d be very happy if the entire album is in this style.

Which brings us to the next track, ‘Down’.
This is not like ‘Confession’ at all, the only similarility is the vocal style, echoey, synth, bounces off each other, it works.
The backing track however, is much rockier, it shouldn’t work, but it does.
I get the impression listening to the lyrics that the song is challenging a person and/or a situation, could be relatable to many, but the genre is different to what I would match the nature of the song to, it’s definitely not a bad thing!

The next track is ‘Electric’ and well, it is what it says on the tin.

Electro backing track, them all familiar vocals kicking in and giving you a buzz.
But then it slows down, I really like the feel of what I’m going to call ‘Slow Electro’.

The drumbeat carries this track I think, brings a consistent rhythm and works with the vocals

It really reminds me of the 80’s, I love the style that PMad have gone for, it’s different and it stands out.

Next up is ‘Fire’.
The intro is quiet but you can just hear some indie/rock twangs of a guitar and then the electro tones kick in and it hooks you immediately.

The track is similar to Down in the fact it mixes a rockier backing track with a synth style, but this one is more upbeat.

I particularly like the chanting repetition in the chorus, something I feel doesn’t necessarily work very often, but it links the upbeat to a slightly mixed middle to end, it’s a good bridge.

‘Fury’ is up next, and what an intro!

I had an idea of what I thought would come, but it surpassed expectations, the guitar solo is a particular highlight.

The deep vocals really speak to you and the range of pitch in this song is impressive.

‘Missing’ comes next, the title track of the album and the guitar kicks in with the intro.
This track in my opinion is much more indie in my opinion and stands out purely because it’s not similar to the rest of the album.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s probably one of my favourites, the lyrics are stunning too, complicated but an easy listen, times are tough, aren’t they just!

‘Opinion’ is next and personally, this is my least favourite, there isn’t anything bad about the track, it just doesn’t stand out to me, however, it is consistent with the album, the vocals are fantastic, I’m just not big on the backing track, but nothing is perfect.

Finally, we have ‘Sword’, this is an injection of Punk and Rock from the get-go.
This is the perfect of mix-genre done well, the backing track is consistently rock and punk like, reminds me a bit of Metallica, but still keeps the synth-like chanting vocals, it really works.

Overall, a fantastic and well put together album, it would work well in television and movie soundtracks with a lot of action, and I’d be interested to see what any music videos for the tracks are like, but a good album and worth a listen.