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Following the success of last year’s best of compilation ‘Now Then’, a quite staggering collection of his expansive solo work, Richard Hawley returns with his tenth album ‘In This City They Call You Love’

With its title referencing Richard’s well-documented love affair with his home town and its people, the record is exactly what should be expected from a classic Richard Hawley record. Everything, from the writing, the arrangements, the vocals, the guitar tone, the whole bloody thing is exemplary in its execution. 

We are treated to twelve wonderful tracks.  

The opening track ‘Two For His Heels’ sets the scene beautifully. Overtly sombre, its guitar parts give a modern take on the classic twangy guitar ‘thang’. 

Single ‘Prism in Jeans’ is a delightful throwback to the days of British pop before the North of England changed the world. Richard says of the song “I love the music of that pre-Beatle era. The Tornadoes Telstar and The Shadows,”. “That kind of far-off netherworld. I’ve always loved that time whether it’s cool to or not. As a song, it’s about someone who is like a rainbow in a very confined space. A Prism in Jeans.”

‘People’ is one of the highlights of the record. A love song not only to his home town and his home people but also to its landscape, its brutalism, its futility and hopes of escape. The line ‘Won’t be long before the hammers are calling,  Steel City folks fight for every breath’ is quite something on top of a haunting, ever so delicately finger-strummed guitar.

The ever so laid-back ‘I’ll Never Get Over You’ proves like all the best things in life, simple done well is hard to beat. ‘Heavy Rain’, ’Do I Really Need to Know’ and the stunning ‘When The Lights Go Out’ are all quite exceptional vehicles for both Richard’s placid crooning and timeless guitar work.

On the first few plays I was quite indifferent about this record in the face of Richard Hawley’s back catalogue, but a few plays in and this is well up there and it may well contain some of his finest work.

Richard Hawley is touring the UK throughout June and July, details can be found on his socials

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