Christian rock singer Ryan Graves once again proves his expertise in the peppy uplifting genre with his latest album “Legacy”.

Each self-written track, on this extensive compilation of Graves’s all-time greatest works, provides moments of fun, charm, and even eccentricity shrouded in Biblical inspired verses that the singer openly relates to his own life, while showing thanks for his blessings. “Legacy” contains a generous 17 songs coming together in rich harmony to make up his sixth major release.

The album – written by Graves and fully realised with the help of fellow singer Maxwell Gaver – is comprised of dramatic anecdotal ballads reminiscent of those found within musical theatre, pouring with raw, uninterrupted emotion that can only be related to; Graves spreads the soulful Word decorated in a neatly wrapped musical package that is accentuated by his undeniable talent in multi-instrumentation.    

A particularly enchanting moment within the album takes place during track four, “Fly”. This slow-burning number ebbs and flows in a delicate state of comforting cross-stick beats, hopeful piano motifs, and ever-so-subtle guitar licks. Topped with atmospherically stacked vocals from the purely talented singer, this track feels like a wholesome oasis in which you could rest for a while.

While many of the songs on “Legacy” replicate that 80s ballad theme often dominating the Christian rock genre, Graves doesn’t fail to keep you on your toes with unexpected ideas, like the curious entirety of track eight “The Word”, or the pleasantly surprising bagpipe opening to “O My Father.”

Whether you’re a fan of Christian rock or not, this album is definitely one to give a go. Take this opportunity to throw away your preconceptions and let Ryan Graves take you on a journey into his world, through his authentic creativity and passion.