We review the new album from Shaven Primates – Child Of Dirt

With self-described elements of ‘grinding bass’, ‘wailing guitars and synths’, ‘rolling drums’, and ‘screaming vocals’, Shaven Primates are a five-piece rock band with a lot of noise to offer.

They bring us this noise through their seven track concept album ‘Child Of Dirt’. After years of waiting to be released it’s finally here, and there’s a lot to be said about it.

The opening title track begins with a subtlety, before it explodes into distorted guitars and whining vocals. Jumping dynamics and a wah-heavy solo is only a sign of what else is to come.

A darker turn in tone comes in ‘On The Bleeding Edge’. This is the first time the band show off their haunting and ethereal musical approach, but it certainly isn’t the last. The band revisit this sound in ‘The Zoo’, which above all else brings a sense of cohesion to the album.

What comes next is perhaps the most controversial and daring part of the album. It’s a fifteen minute mash-up of songs that leaps from spooky to heavy to confusingly chirpy all in one. This is arguably overwhelming for some, and could be construed as an attempt to be overly artsy.

They move past this though, into an upbeat blues feel with  a drop of classic rock. This album flits through genres, even taking on a prog-rock style in the penultimate track ‘Mind’. Despite all this change, one thing that is fairly consistent through the album is the amount of shredding guitar solos. Whilst showing off guitar skills can be impressive, putting in solo after solo can sometimes become excessive and it might be an idea to dial it back a bit every so often.

Rounding off the album is ‘Answers’. Being described as ‘where all the wildly varied strands seem to effectively knit together’, they choose to extend the song by nearly 15 minutes with a host of wild noise, and you can only feel the length is a tad unnecessary. But, in the bigger picture, it’s a worthy conclusion to this slightly chaotic assortment of songs.

After a long wait, completing an album is an achievement to be proud of for Shaven Primates. If you fancy checking out ‘Child Of Dirt’ yourself then you can give it a listen down below!