Coming to us all the way from Boston, Massachusetts, is this experimental debut LP from Straight Pepper Diet. Not only do they pack a hugely varied mix of sounds into the album, but this genre-bending release seems to to-and-fro within each song as well.

Opener Moonlight Revolution goes someway to preparing you for what is to come. Beginning with auto-tune heavy vocals and a rather pedestrian melody, it transforms in the blink of an eye. By the end of the track you find yourself listening to heavy riffs soaring from the speakers, and wondering how that has happened.

Hard To Understand which follows takes a similar path, but wastes much less time descending into the chaos. After momentarily luring you in, we again see that explosion of sound. It has a feeling of a singer-writer who’s been tossed into a metal band, but somehow it works.

The highlight of the album perhaps comes with Sugar Gliders, simply for taking its inventiveness up another notch. An incessant cowbell beat in the background carries it throughout, and although it doesn’t pack as much of a punch as some others, it still finds those roaring guitars again towards the end.

The first half of this album appears to be the stronger of the two, but the second does also contain some interesting pieces. Find My Head has distinctly Pixie’s vibes in parts which is always a positive, and Steal You has possibly the most infectious riff on the album. Packing in twelve tracks into a debut release is bound to leave some dull spots, but they have pretty much avoided that owing to their constantly evolving sound.

The climax comes with Idols, a five-minute long ending which brings the album full circle nicely. There’s slightly grungy elements within this track, again balanced out by an overriding metal sound which storms in and out at will. Lyrically, this is probably the best track on the release too, and shows they have not run out of steam.

This is a unique release, and its testament to them that they have already reached a UK audience from across the pond at their first attempt. Vol.1 is defined by its energy, its versatility, and its ability to turn the violence of its sound up and down repeatedly. If they can keep pushing forward with their sound and creating exciting music like they have here, there is no reason why they will not have a big future ahead of them.

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