We review the new album from Tainui Richmond’s – Forever a Boi

Getting noticed amongst the wild chaos of the music scene seems to be a harder task every year, and at this point it’s as much important to do anything you can to stand out as it is to simply make some really good music.

Fortunately for him, Tainui Richmond has hit his own little niche. His quirky, witty songwriting combined with his relaxed and playful persona provide the perfect tools for making himself stand out.

This becomes no more apparent than in his 9 track LP ‘Forever a Boi’.

The first piece of evidence for Tainui’s quirkiness comes in the first track ‘Family Function Part One’. Circus-like organ over the hum of party talk brings a joyful sound to the 30 second introduction, although something tells me this isn’t Tainui simply expressing his love for family events.

Moving into the album, Richmond begins to show off his musical diversity. ‘Procrastinate’ and ‘Complacent’ demonstrate his ability to layer instrumentation, as well as his impressive vocal range.

Tainui’s writing process was described as ‘more like a matter of tuning into what was coming out of the blue, rather than ‘trying’ to write something’.

This choice works well in the album’s favour. Everything flows naturally, and it doesn’t feel forced at any point. You really get a sense of this in ‘So Many Things’. The melancholic lyrics are entirely believable, reaching out to bring you in to listen.

We get another taste of Tainui’s wit with ‘Family Function Pt.2’’. With a continuation of background noise, but funkier bass compared to the first installment, this is where a theme to the album starts to be set in place.

Experimenting with sound once again, ‘Motel Runaway’ sees a western turn in tone. This lively unexpectedness continues into ‘Cry’. Which gives a real test to Richmond’s vocal range, as his sorrowful whines of the song title only show off another element of his musical methods.

Coming to the end of things, ‘Another Focus’ brings a sense of resolution and completeness through its churning nature. It’s not always easy to make an album that doesn’t just feel like a collection of singles, but Tainui has done it.

He could’ve easily ended things there but, almost as if he couldn’t resist, we are provided with the third and final part of the family function series. ‘Family Function Pt.3’ brings us to the end of this weird and wonderful journey.

Whilst some may find the endless awkward humour grating (because it really never stops), this short LP is undoubtedly refreshing and intriguing. You can only hope Tainui keeps this up with future projects.

Give it a listen down below, and let us know what you think!