Bolton based band The Shed Project, who’ve branded themselves as a group that represents working class Manchester to the core, recently released their first full album aptly titled “The Curious Mind Of A Common Man” which further cements their chosen image.

To begin with the first track off the album “Modern Way” quickly hooks the listener with choppy guitar riffs and a tense, almost suspenseful bass and drum instrumental that flows throughout the song. Combining classic British indie rock nostalgia with a fresh sounding melody the lyrics of “Modern Way” are brilliantly brutally honest and take no prisoners with their direct addressing of the political and economic system of today and the problems it causes for ordinary people.

As well as having a bold political message the lyrics of the track have an inspiring and optimistic touch to them realistically stating that we all have bad times and good times and encouraging the listener to take a balanced and practical view of the world.

Firmly proving that they have no problem honestly tackling more controversial or taboo subjects in their music with their brave political statements on tracks such as “My Life” and “Modern Way” The Shed Project display a keen realism that runs throughout all their tracks. On “A Day In The Dam”, for example, openly singing about recreational drug use in a refreshingly matter-of-fact manner.

This candidness that remains consistent through the entire album is a breath of fresh air from the pretentiousness that can all too clearly be seen in the music industry at times. The frankness with which The Shed project portrays life and themselves within their music is both admirable and relatable.

As well as showing strength in being unafraid of speaking some home-truths The Shed Project’s “The Curious Mind Of A Common Man” also stands out from the usual anthemic nature of working class indie rock by showing strength through vulnerability.

A track that particularly stands out in this sense is “My Life” in which lead singer Roy Fletcher walks the listener through the story of his journey from boyhood to adulthood reflecting on the moments of sensitivity he felt as well as his working class pride.

This heart-warmingly open approach serenaded by soft acoustic melodies creates an atmosphere of comforting, open vulnerability that is rarely seen in the bands genre category. Other tracks on the album such as “Sal” and “Bedtime” to name just a few harbour this same gift in which Fletcher’s lyrically are radically vulnerable and find beauty in the simplicity of life making the bands music further relatable to the listeners

Although The Shed Project aren’t afraid of showing their soft side it would be a mistake to think they don’t also tick the boxes for thrilling indie rock music that fits perfectly into the live music scene. Tracks like “One Shot” and the closing track “Friend” which finishes the album with a bang are riveting and electrifying. With a climactic song structure and inspiring lyrics that feel like a push to the listener to live their truth on “The Curious Mind Of A Common Man” The Shed Project prove they’re not a one trick pony.

This ability to transition between both gentle and fearless climates whilst steadily providing a comforting and accessible integrity every step of the way is what makes the band and their new album so special and not one to miss out on.