Heavy Salad


Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other with British band Heavy Salad as they unveil not one but two albums: ‘Long Wave I’ and ‘Long Wave II’. Recorded between 2021 and 2023, these albums were born from the isolation of the first lockdown and turned into 18 brand new songs.

From the get-go, it’s clear that Heavy Salad isn’t here to play it safe. Lead singer and bass player Lee Mann’s collaboration with legendary producer Stephen Street sets the stage for an album that’s as bold as it is eclectic. Drawing inspiration from a wide array of influences, from West Coast Rock to Dub to Folk Rock, the two albums are a melting pot of genres.

For the band, storytelling is as important as the music in itself. They invite us to unfold stories while listening to the albums. Lyrically, they explore the human experience in all its complexity, touching on themes of life, death, and the madness of the early 21st Century. Again, let’s not forget that the initial inspiration came during the pandemic.

Let’s start with ‘Long Wave I’. The song “Exotic Events” kicks things off with a blend of synths and guitar that make it sound like it’s casting a spell on us, listeners. And indeed, it does sound exotic. Then, we find “Write to the Dead” which is the perfect indie rock track, with plenty of room for the guitar to shine. I’ll admit that I didn’t know what to expect from the track from its name, but it was a great surprise – definitely a standout track.

Later on, “Theme from Unseen” emerges as another cool indie rock song with a highlight in the chorus with the woman’s harmonies in the background. Ultimately, it sounds like a choir and gives power to the track and the whole listening experience.

Another track that caught my attention is “Joggers from Mossley to Malibu Beach”. It starts off as a psychedelic song and reminded me of the hippie era while giving Woodstock vibes. The album ends with “I Am The Universe Tonight”. The long introduction gives space for the musicians to shine and makes for a perfect balance between the singer and the instruments.

With ‘Long Wave II’, Heavy Salad shows a different side of their artistry. “Wrong Window” is one of the best tracks among the 18. The singer keeps us hooked from start to finish while he plays with his voice and tone throughout the song.

Next, “Murmurations” showcases Heavy Salad’s experimentation with sound and texture. The use of effects like a vocoder makes the woman’s voice shine brightly against the backdrop of swirling synths and a pulsating beat.

Then, we have “Life to the Death”, which seems to echo “Write to the Dead” from the first album and delivers a new dose of indie rock goodness. The song’s jazzy undertones, infectious hooks and guitar solo make it a joy to listen to. Closing out the album is “Passin’ Thru”, an indie track with country vibes. It stands as a perfect soundtrack for a Western movie.

Overall, with their unique blend of indie rock, country, and psychedelic vibes, the two albums are a great introduction to the band’s boundless creativity and unique sound.