We review the new E.P from Gerard Frain – Roominate

Hailing from Doncaster, singer-songwriter Gerard Frain is Yorkshire’s answer to Simon & Garfunkel. His debut release, 5 song EP ‘Roominate’ is available to stream now.

A contemplative collection of songs, the EP is an incredibly personal piece of work for the artist, reflecting on his feelings during lockdown, the EP is a melancholic exploration of his feelings of loneliness and regret.

A perfect blend of elements, Frain’s gentle vocals are truly offset by the delicate, yet intricate acoustics. Frains gentle and soothing melodies create an ideal backdrop for soaking his lyrics during each and every of the five tracks on the EP. Whilst no two songs are too alike, Frain has successfully created an EP that flows together seamlessly whilst giving the listener some food for thought.

For me, some of the lyrics are beautiful and Frain has a clear talent for painting a picture that will resonate with his listeners. In particular ‘Bathroom Floor’ etches itself into your mind. Inspired by a poem literally written on his bathroom floor, the song explores self-doubt, addiction and the loneliness and loss of hope at realising the artist has burnt so many of his bridges.

The final track on the EP seems to have a whisper of inspiration from The Stranglers, ‘Stranger in the Glass’ which features a more up-tempo rhythm is a total juxtaposition to the lyrics which are (as you can guess from the song title) about changing so much you don’t recognise yourself or the life you’re now living.

Well produced and thought provoking, it is difficult to imagine that such a polished collection of songs was recorded in the artists bedroom. This is EP is a true testament to how much music helps to get people through dark times.