We review the new E.P from MCRAE – How To Start A Fire

Following on from the success of their previous singles ‘Lucy’ and ‘How To Start A Fire’, MCRAE have recently quenched listeners’ thirst for a longer listen with the release of their debut EP, How To Start A Fire. The EP sees MCRAE enhance the previously mentioned singles by making them feel right at home amongst two new tracks, ‘Subjective’ and ‘Time Spent Freely’.

The EP opens with its title track, and previous single, ‘How To Start A Fire’. A track that fans will already know and love, it sees MCRAE present a combination of intuitive lyricisms that are powerful and emotive and merges them with pop optimism, with a slight punk edge, that is completely unique to MCRAE. Lyrically, ‘How To Start A Fire’ touches on the ideals of a modern relationship, where instrumentally it holds raucous guitar riffs and catchy melodies that set the bar high for the rest of the EP.

‘Subjective’ follows, introducing listeners to a different side to MCRAE. Here, the band touch further onto their indie-pop side. It’s clear within this track that MCRAE have made tracks that are destined to sound even better live, it holds bouncy, uplifting instrumentation that really makes you want to dance. ‘Subjective’ feels made for the warm weather and festival fields.

Up next is ‘Lucy’, the second of the two singles to be taken from this EP. Seeing MCRAE further delve into their pop side, featuring shimmery guitar sounds that almost feel ethereal whilst lead vocalist Jake Mcrae’s fast-paced lyricisms tell the story of him trying to pursue a girl whilst tripping. ‘Lucy’ is another track guaranteed to get your toe-tapping and is bound to end up on your playlists.

Finally sits ‘Time Spent Freely’, opening with a dreamy bassline before the drums kick the track off, it feels as if MCRAE have saved the best to last with this one. It once again features the catchy vocals of Jake Mcrae as they build toward a big chorus which displays the band’s individual talents perfectly. MCRAE’s instrumental talent is spotlighted within this one, another track crafted to be listened to in warm weather, with friends, and with a drink in your hand.

Seeing MCRAE divert from their punk roots, ‘How To Start A Fire’ sees the band reinvent themselves once more. The EP allows them to play with their pop and indie influences, something that is proving to pay off for the band. With this EP and a sold-out show at Manchester’s Gullivers under their belts, this year appears to belong to MCRAE.