We review the new E.P from The Avenues – The View Is Amazing

After a flutter of impressive releases this year, The Avenues bring us their new six-track EP ‘The View Is Amazing’.  

Following the release of their debut extended play ‘What Happened In The Pink Room?’ last year – the four-piece from Hull continue to draw inspiration from the glorious indie-boom of the noughties and this is pretty evident in their sound. There’s an element of pure nostalgia to this collection of tracks (at least for this writer) sparking memories of The Strokes, Milburn and even The Wombats in places.

A lot like those formative bands, The Avenues manage to curate a beautifully moreish garage-y indie-rock sound alongside a strong lyrical message. A comment on the world as a young 20-something at a crossroad of adolescence and adulthood; encapsulating the mix of confusion, heartbreak, curiosity, and euphoria against a backdrop of catchy guitar riffs, punchy percussion and biting vocals.

First up on the record, ‘Something Stronger’, a previously unreleased track, opens with hazy distortion before launching into a playful guitar riff. The lyrics follow the constant search for stimulation just to get through the week. “I used to hate the kinda songs that had nothing to say / Now I pray we could have nothing to talk about”

The lyrics in following song ‘Part Of The Problem’ gift us with the EP’s title. A definite stand-out track (released back in June) it’s a racing number which thunders along with opening Good Shoes-esque guitars and quickfire vocals. Tom Foston sings of the ever-growing apathy due to being overwhelmed by the world’s problems all over our newsfeeds (and the guilt that hits for feeling that way). “The world’s burning down, but the view is amazing”

Most recent single ‘Beautiful Shoes’ is another notable tune. An absolute earworm of a track featuring a soaring electric guitar and echoing backing vocals – The Avenues give their take on the manipulation of the news and media. “Trouble always walks in beautiful shoes”. It’s one you’ll be singing all week.

The clever lyricism and 00s indie influences run throughout the record – whether it be The Cribs-like harmonies in ‘Addicts’ or The Vaccines-flavoured lyrics of ‘Moving Car’. “Do you think our lives would be so much better, if we pretended to stay young forever?”

Closing out the EP ‘Too Young’ changes up the pace. The longest at 4.45 in length, it’s much more subdued in tempo than the rest with a sound tinged in a melancholy. Still retaining a relatable theme, there’s a remarkable lyric which mentions being ‘too young to complain, but old enough to care’. It’s that feeling of not being taken seriously as a young person in society. “You can save your wakeup calls, some of us are dreaming”

While not necessarily anything new, there’s a freshness to The Avenues and this EP in particular making for an enjoyable listen. Danceable beats and lyrics with real substance. For fans of The Cribs, The Vaccines, The Wombats and anyone who looks back on the hey-day of ‘indie’ as fondly as I do.