Birmingham based alternative band The Pagans S.O.H who pride themselves on blending multiple genres such as rock, funk, punk and reggae to name just a few have lately released their first E.P titled “Emergence of Forgotten Power”. A powerhouse testimony to the bands musical ability.  

Kicking off with the title track “Emergence of Forgotten Power” instantly infects the listener with dynamic energy. With the groovy bass and guitar introducing the track with an almost hallucinogenic atmosphere, this laidback sound is pierced with the passionate and spirited vocals of The Pagans lead singer who spits his lyrics with the ferocity of Rage Against The Machines Tom Morello. With hip-hop vocals combined with rock guitar and bags of passion “The Emergence of Forgotten Power” is potent and forceful in spreading its message sounding both inspiringly aggressive and mesmerizingly kaleidoscopic.  

With such a banger of an opening track, the rest of “The Emergence Of Forgotten Power” has a lot to live up to and proves itself to be up to the challenge. The second track “Pause” is a driven reggae-funk rock protest track that shifts from utter stillness to chaotic hyperactivity. With the fusion of reggae, a music genre born from marginalised people, with rock The Pagans S.O.H create a powerful voice through their music. On the track “Come Down To Reality”, particularly the lyrics are blunt and honest in nature standing up for fact over pseudoscience and fiction and urging the listener to be the master of their own lives.  

Whilst tackling serious and sometimes controversial topics The Pagans S.O.H maintain an unavoidably infectious playfulness as they dramatize their music and tell their stories captivatingly and humorously.

Closing track “Black Jesus” along with the opener is one of the best tracks on the EP the lead singer narrates the story of his rise to becoming a higher power himself, poking fun at organised religion in a hilarious and poetic manner. Ending with a kick-ass guitar solo and boasting an anthemic and catchy chorus “Black Jesus” is the perfect finale to an album in which the songs provide The Pagans S.O.H own musical bible forged from bold experimentation and eclectic influence. Taking the best from all their influences and doing it as big as possible, “Emergence Of Forgotten Power” is surely only the beginning of what musical miracles are to come from them.