Camille Rose has blessed us with her new EP: ‘Be Alright’. A true authentic window into a jazz-soul record that she’s truly made her own. The 3 tracks follow the trials and tribulations of early adulthood and the pressure of being in your 20s. But encompasses a real sense of womanhood too with the backing of lush brass sections and neo-soul drum beats.

Camille’s introspective and, at times, vulnerable lyricism dives into ideas surrounding her own purpose and self-development. As well as musical and personal discovery and creativity. This also rounds off as she reflects on relationships and her personal happiness that has shaped this EP. Moreover, there’s a real feeling of catharsis in titular track ‘Be Alright’. But, by looking inward to navigate and tackle difficult and negative feelings to continue pushing on and enjoying life. Camille croons to her audience,with understanding and yet she carries a tone of hope. Furthermore, she tells us to ‘keep your head above the water’ and as we drown in her lush sound it feels like it truly will be alright.

‘So This Is Love’, the successful single from the EP has sultry, easy-listen vocals allow for a really refreshing and evocative listen. Opening with a slight play on Ilene Woods’ iconic track of the same name, famously in Disney’s Cinderella, Camille transports us to this golden jazz age. In which her voice could easily be part of, creating this ethereal, storytale-esque sound. Yet she admits herself she doesn’t need her prince charming to make life divine.

Additionally, the recent release from the South-London based artist ‘Just Friends’ made a huge impact on Camille’s fanbase. Helping to establish herself within the genre, even putting Camille onto the UK’s JAZZFM radio and playlist. For Camille, music has been present throughout her life and where she has found her own self-discovery and transformation. Importantly, she grew up harmonising to her favourite songs, singing in choirs, and eventually, studying jazz in London.

It’s clear to see how her influences of Cleo Sol, Amy Winehouse, and Stevie Wonder have transcended into the making of her own sound. Finally, she describes how “I feel lucky that I can inspire happiness with my voice – get people to stop in the street, get them to kiss their partner or dance with their friends- and that’s such a blessing and validation for me and my work”. With the help of family, friends, and fans she acquired the resources to record and release her singles, and now ‘Be Alright’, Camille Rose continues developing her craft and building her musical portfolio.

‘Be Alright’ will be released on streaming platforms on 18th April, and the soulful EP promises success for Camille Rose.