Delilah Bon is a solo adventure from the punk artist who fronts the band ‘Hands Off Gretel’. Coming from the punk world, into a more hip-hop style, Delilah Bon states the reason for the the solo shift as a prominent and horrific realisation of the treatment of young women in gigs.

This EP is a mixture of the punk energy mixed with a rap genre shift. The energy feels almost like a fusion of ‘DMX’ and ‘Rage Against The Machine’. Utilising the rage of the social issues to fuel a halloween-inspired EP, it contains a lot of shocking imagery and gory word play. A lot of the tracks follow a very set pattern, but if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. The EP all shows off the punk band side of the singer’s life with the heavy, distorted guitars in tracks like “Coffin” and “Rat Boy”.

The lyrics all follow a very similar story with violent thoughts towards the people who take advantage of others. Speaking to a lot of young girls in the modern day, I think the lyrics hold up very very well. With a lot of quick, narrative driven lyrics, like what Eminem did in his early days.

Instrumentally, the songs are all very similar, building towards a greater EP overall. A lot of instruments are chosen for the “Halloween feeling” that they give off. For example, in the track “Voices In My Head“, there is a synth with poly modulation, imitating a ghost like voice. These small instrumental ideas all create a feeling of connection between all the tracks. The guitar parts are very well implemented, mixing the genres the singer is used to in a very slick and creative way. Usually putting them to one side in favour for the vocals, it shows restraint from a genre which is used to throwing in as much instrumentation as possible.

Starting off the EP is “Coffin“, which gives a great taste of what is to come over the rest of the tracks. Leaning heavily on the halloween vibes, with lyrics like “Lock the door, light the pumpkin” and “We’ve been waiting for this moment ’cause it’s Halloween tonight”. As well as this, there are a lot of sound effects sprinkled throughout, like a howl, screams and a choir of ghostly voices.

This leads into a short title track which is more of a narrative story than a song. Although this is fairly common in a lot of hip-hop, I personally am not a fan. I feel it usually serves little purpose in the general EP/album they are placed in. However, it still fits the style and feel of the tracks before and after, so doesn’t detract too much from the overall EP.

My personal favourite from this EP is “Voices In My Head“, narrating a lot of the issues the artist struggles with. Mainly focusing on the thoughts they have and the hate they have inside. One of my favourite lines throughout the whole EP is in here too with “I’m starting riots in the rooms of the girls that you hurt”. Once again coming back to the whole reason this solo adventure exists. The choruses sound extremely punk inspired, bringing forwards the ‘Rage Against The Machine’ vibes again. With screaming and simplistic heavy guitar, Delilah doesn’t shy away from their other projects influences.

Overall, this EP is very strong as a full concept. From the instrumentation being tasteful and not overbearing (which is very easy to do in hip-hop tracks), to the fantastic lyricism displayed throughout. The tracks on here are fantastic displays of a future that could be, even on top of the success of ‘Hands Off Gretel’.