Piperlain are a combination of an acoustic style pop, and folk. Made up of only two members, the band shows their capabilities very well, creating lullaby type melodies and ambient songs.

Time” is an impressive EP. Especially with the title track, and first track of the EP. It starts off with a soft drum beat, acoustic guitar and bass. The vocals echo the guitars melody, and it is almost as catchy as a nursery rhyme. It gives that kind of energy from the vocals and guitar doing this bouncy rhythm. This song is definitely movie-soundtrack worthy. A really strong start with an unforgettable melody and feel-good emotion behind.

Followed straight up with the track “Cruel World”. This track leaves the happy, jolly, children’s song ideas behind and drops you straight into a Mumford & Sons type dystopian song. This does a good job of showcasing their range of emotion and skill, however I feel the whiplash between the two is a bit heavy to look over. Especially as the rest of this EP follows this style of slow, desolate song. I feel the song “Time” is a great one, but maybe would fit better as a single or in another EP of a different style.

“Deceived” Starts with an intro in the vein of an Evanescence song. The slow female vocals, emotion filled piano, and building instrumentation. However, when the drop comes, the sound goes closer to a Brian May guitar, and a ballad. The drums in this track are jaw-dropping, utilising small fills that leave you wanting more, feeling so full and impactful.

To end out the EP they have gone with a track named “Taken”. This slows things down a lot, especially after the huge build of the previous song. It really does feel like an ending song, filled with emotions of finality and relaxation. After the rollercoaster the EP has given us so far, this song is a great final option. I do have a small issue with the vocals, at points they miss the mark a little, missing a lot of emphasis and volume in parts. Being drowned in reverb can only help so much too, I think having a raw vocal part in this track would fit so nicely, especially on that last line.

Overall, the EP showcases a great level of songwriting, performance and stylistic choices which I love above all else. These two know their stuff and it’s in plain sight for anyone to see. A few downfalls do leave me really disappointed as I know they can do great things. And I’m really interested in hearing a full EP of each of the styles showcased in this one.