San Pedro’s Vision are a mixture of psychedelic rock and new wave progressive rock from Merseyside. With lengthy, dreamy songs, passionate, soulful lyrics and skilful playing, these guys have got the formula down.

This new EP starts with a taste of what’s to come, a minute long intro with ambience and effects driven heart. Kicking in after this is a laid back band jumping in with a repetitive riff and chords to sway to. The guitar playing, although simplistic, shows a lot of forethought and skill. Playing in between the vocals to allow that space to not be overwhelmed. The only issue I have with the guitar is some of the parts come across as improvised on the spot rather than written. As much as it could work, I feel having that solid base to jump from is a good idea.

On the other end of the spectrum, these guys aren’t afraid to hit heavier, adding distortion, pulsating effects and heavier drumming, parts of these songs jump more in the Alt Rock direction. Throughout the EP there is this divide between the slow melodic rhythms, and the intense “jump around” type energy. Very effectively done and well thought out so as to break up the samey feeling you can get from eight or nine minute songs like this.

An unfortunate downfall of this EP is the vocal style, the part which should be the main divider, is almost interchangeable from song to song. (Apart from the one minute song which uses samples) the vocals tend to always stick to very simple melodies around the same register. This could have been excellent with just one of the heavier sections implementing a louder, more aggressive line. Or just changing up the style for one of the tracks.

To get back to the instruments, the skill behind some of these tracks is next level. Showing they know what they’re doing, especially during the louder segments when instruments seem to take it in turns to show off how incredibly written the sections are. Drums having really fulfilling fills and energetic, thundering beats, guitars having some fantastic solo opportunities and effects riddled mayhem, synth bashing out these lovely, almost horror movie type chords and settings.

As a whole beast, this EP shows some real skill and potential from these guys. This EP is something you really have to hear for yourself to realise the intricacies and tiny elements that come together to create this colossal four track piece of art. With the vocal style having some kind of variation or individuality between tracks, I feel this EP could be a serious contender for one of the best put together in the past ten years.