We Review The New EP From Alex Kenby – Access Code

London-based electronic artist, Alex Kenby has dropped his bouncing new EP, Access Code which features the original track as well as three remixes.

Whilst this EP may be repetitive to a large degree, it certainly gets the computerised vocals and beginning beat stuck in your head. There’s a 90s Chemical Brothers flare in most of the remixes that keep you wanting the beat to kick in but you’re constantly being teased.

When it finally hits, especially in the Extended mix of Access Code (Do You Feel It), it’s a bassy and sonic floor-filler. The female vocal track progress the tracks into a smooth build-up, a moment to rest. The vocals are like warm butter over rough electronic toast, but really take the song in a new direction once it drops.

Access Code in its many shapes and forms captures the essence of dance culture and nightlife electronic music. We have the build, the drop, the settle, the recovery, and the bouncing outro to keep you wanting more. Well, you’re in luck because this under fifteen minutes EP gets better with every iteration of Access Code.

Kenby has said Calvin Harris is one of his influences and the dancefloor build-up is definitely familiar with a classic Harris track. The mixture of computerised and actual vocals gives variety and doesn’t become a repetitive dance track that’s been heard and ruined all too many times. It’s a song that keeps you guessing and with each remix, I wonder which Kenby himself prefers.

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