Merging enchanting acoustic instrumentals and beguiling poetic lyricism, Amie K’s new live EP “Solas” paints out a musical landscape of her own that is dreamy and delicate.  

Beginning with the track “Daydreaming” that stays true to its name bringing an instantly soft and lulling quality with passages of gentle guitar that encapsulate the listener “Solas” defines its sound clearly from the start. With beautifully open and vulnerable lyricism reflecting on feelings of isolation and alienation Amie sings using exquisite metaphors that brings an elegant touch to sadness. This matched with her tender acoustic sound creates an atmosphere that is comforting and soul-warming.  

With a folkish, acoustic vibe inspired by the likes of female artists such as Laura Marling this warm and easing quality that runs throughout “Solas” takes the listener on a winding and slow-paced journey through its beguiling track list. Particularly songs such as Pink Skies hold an innocent quality to them emphasised by Amie’s untampered with and refreshing vocals giving the track a particularly pure feeling that calms the listener. Each track seamlessly flows in and out of each-other in a delightfully smooth manner.  

In “Solas” references to nature in Amie’s lyricism is very common and compliments her sound perfectly. Particularly on tracks such as “Sunflowers” and “Evergreens” Amie uses nature to describe and put into words human feeling and finds parallels between the two that are uplifting as Amie’s lyrics find beauty in negative human experience through examining nature. Another strong example for me is the lyrics in “Daydreaming” where Amie sings of wanting to “weather every stone” and see her loved one “bloom into light”. I cannot emphasise enough the beauty of the poetic metaphors Amie uses throughout her EP and how her focus on the natural world works excellently with the style of her song-writing.  

With her focus on the natural world and folk instrumentals, its easy for the listener to hear how Amie is influenced by her Irish heritage and love of Irish literature. With Celtic traditions emphasis on nature seen in the poetry of the likes of Seamus Heaney and their taste for acoustic folk guitar Amie draws inspiration from her background using it to create her own singular sound.  

With the contrast of more upbeat paced tracks such as “Dreaming of May” and the more sombre closing track “Evergreens” Amie shows she can find ways to display a variety of feelings and emotions in such a short track listing and with a professional ease. “Solas” is a charming EP which makes me look forward to hearing what comes next from Amie K and how far she will push herself with her distinctive sound she has formed.