Take a step back in time with Break Time and their enchanting new singles She’s The One and Love And Harmony.

The New Jersey outfit pulls from classic rock and roll sounds and the sunny sounds of the early 60s. Both tracks are an absolute delight to hear, especially in 2023. The swinging sounds of boybands of times gone by are well and truly alive here.

From jangly guitars to grooving drum patterns, BreakTime is a band for everyone who loves pop rock. She’s The One is a short and sweet piece that instrumentally and rhythmically achieves so much. Its choruses are vintage and sweet with delectable harmonies. The verses bop with the climbing bass guitar and the vocals spin around with such sunny progression.

BreakTime would capture UK audiences with no issues with the well-learned music stylings. They capture the colourful magic of the rural streets of British life and the love that acts such as The Beatles and The Hollies sang of.

Love And Harmony is a juxtaposition and balances out the moods of the EP. It’s a steadier track with notes ringing out and clocks in almost a minute longer than She’s The One.

The beat is steady with the lead guitar crunching at the overall instrumentation. The vocals whilst prominent are a lot higher pitched and more delicate. A lot of the instrumentation takes a step back, but it’s still got sunny feelings mixed with minor notes.

Love And Harmony isn’t as in your face, but it’s the more love-centered of the two and richly engaging. There are moments of musical experimentation within verse breaks. It looks like BreakTime will have their musical journey yet and explore as many great names did before them. The lead riff that begins and closes the track is a window of opportunity for breaking away from the easy-going rhythms, but there’s got to be a starting point for the group/

Love And Harmony touches on Beach Boys’ thematics and has a sunny disposition. It’s a funny track in the sense that the pre-chorus feels so low musically, but the lyrics themselves are so peaceful and loving. It’s almost ironic but in a good way.

The vocal harmonies take on a new direction in Love And Harmony where they’re more consistent in the verses and reach new highs in the chorus.

Both tracks complement each other greatly and if this is the start of a beautiful musical renaissance, consider me well and truly along for the BreakTime ride.