Alright, folks, we’ve got a new EP to dissect. The Cornelius Eady Trio, straight out of New York City, have dropped “Painting (Acoustic),” an 8-track exploration that dares to blend domestic intimacy with political punch, all within the confines of unplugged acoustics. That’s right, no electrics here—just pure, stripped-down acousticness.

It’s intimate but not in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, more like you’re being let in on a secret.

Let’s talk about the sound. Imagine if Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman had a musical lovechild who grew up listening to Joni Mitchell. That’s the vibe. Charlie Rauh’s acoustic guitar work is intricate yet unpretentious, providing a solid backbone for Lisa Liu’s delicate accompaniments. And then there’s Cornelius Eady’s voice—a rich, storytelling instrument in its own right.

Kicking off with “Painting Song,” the EP kicks off this 8-track EP (which for the record is too many songs but we will let that slip for now. A solemn start, delicate acoustic vibe and chilled.

“Come And Take Your Boy” shifts gears slightly, injecting a bit of narrative grit. This track is where Eady’s lyrical prowess shines, a more americana vibe here.

And then we get to “Rich Man and The Reaper.” It’s haunting, not just because of its melody but because of its stark, honest lyrics.

“The Unworried Life” and “Military School” keep the momentum going, each with their own unique flavor.

“God Will Get The Glory” It’s introspective, almost meditative, slightly Weston in feel.

“Manhattan is the Island of Misfit Toys” is perhaps the most playful track on the EP. It’s got a whimsical quality that belies its deeper message about finding one’s place in the world.

Closing out with “The Way You Leave,” the trio leaves us on a poignant note. It’s a goodbye song, but not just in the literal sense. It feels like a farewell to old selves, old habits, old worlds. It’s melancholic yet hopeful.

We do have to say EPs shouldn’t be 8 songs, this is almost an album, so why not go the whole way and build a broader body of tunes and release it as an album? Just a thought.

Either way, it’s a fun experience and advise you to listen and share your thoughts.


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