We review the new EP from Danny Waterson – Lost Boy Blues

When an EP has literally got the word ‘blues’ in it you sort of know what to expect, and Danny Waterson does not disappoint.

Lost Boy Blues’ is a four-track EP that sees blues-rock meet cowboy music meet 2000s northern indie music. Waterson’s down-and-out vocals run through the core of every tune to produce a cohesive yet somewhat predictable set of songs.

‘Shoot To Kill’ is the opener and it sets the tone with immediate effect. Blues-driven riffs are played with the distortion cranked up. You can’t help but picture Waterson singing it with his leather jacket and sunglasses donned, ready to get the crowd riled up.

Continuing the indie-blues feel, the poetically titled ‘Cadillac Dream Queen’ follows. Now whilst you’re more likely to catch a Vauxhall Corsa or Magic Bus driving the streets of Manchester, and that’s only speaking from experience, the thought of Danny driving a black and red Cadillac certainly sets a scene that adds an extra layer of interest to the EP.

At this point in listening you hope for a bit of a mix up in sounds to keep things ticking along. The slightly bouncier feel of ‘Just Like Me’ achieves this to an extent, but its similar emotional and musical tone to the previous two tracks holds back its potential to shake things up.

Fortunately, for both the listener and for Waterson, the final song ‘We’re Gonna Go To The Movies’ begins to show off a bit more of the Manchester artist’s songwriting range.

It’s the only song to dare to extend over four minutes, and it carries a moodier attitude that is underscored by a more sluggish rhythm than the rest of the songs. 

At the end of the day, you just can’t help but wish Waterson had pushed the boat out and tested the boundaries a bit more when trying to produce an EP of original music.

If he wanted four songs that pay homage to the blues-infused indie music we’ve seen frequently over the last 20 years then he’s done it perfectly, but I can’t help but feel like there’s more he has to give.