We review the new EP from Faux Pas – I Feel Pretty, So Should You

Sometimes you can get a bit stuck in the mud with music, feeling like you’re hearing the same thing over and over again. But Manchester four-piece Faux Pas have a new EP that I think might just interest you.

This eruptive set of 8 songs is something you won’t want to ignore. 

I’m not saying they’ve invented a whole new sound, they are definitely taking inspiration from heavy rock of the past. However, there are little details in the music that will make you turn your head towards it.

Opening with ‘This Will Kill You’, Faux Pas’ explosive yet catchy tendencies become apparent instantly. This heaviness that runs through the EP reaches its peak in the track ‘Boss Fight’.  Whilst the whole EP is weighty, ‘Boss Fight’ just has that extra touch of booming rhythm and screeching guitar.

An impressive feature of the band’s creativity is the decision to let the EP be one constant run. 

Talking about this choice, the band said ‘it provided a uniquely difficult experience that only added to our sense of accomplishment. It’s easily the hardest recording we’ve ever done, but equally it’s our best. There’s nothing quite like nailing a 26 minute take.’

The music uses incredibly smooth transitions between songs in, ‘Bliss’ and ‘Just A Thought’, as well as within songs like ‘If I Could’ and ‘Gorilla Man’, where they effortlessly switch up the mood. They’ve made the choice to do it all in one, and they’ve done it well. It’s captured the energy of the music, and it oozes out.

‘Hey! Antoine’ is a stand out track. It’s inventive drum beat combined with the outpour of emotion will make you keep all your focus on it.

Eventually, after what can easily be argued as an EP that’s a bit too long to be considered an EP, we reach the final song ‘Alternate Ending’. Whilst this is once again another energetic track with high-quality production, it did feel like everything could have ended with a bit more oomph. On the other hand, it does a good job of easing everything out. So I suppose it’s a matter of preference.

Faux Pas have given us eight exciting tunes that carry a whole load of momentum to project them upwards in the music scene. It creates the promise of good things to come.