Francesca Monte is a very talented producer, singer, songwriter and just about anything else you can think of musically. Starting from a young age she has had success in many different avenues. These include: collaborations with Buddy Miles, going on “The Voice Of Italy” and many other various achievements over the years. Releasing her own music since 2015 as a solo artist, she has found success with this electronic pop sound.

The EP itself is fairly consistent to the idea of this disjointed electronic style, the instrumentation bounces around with a lot of confidence. The use of very staccato and sudden sounds which end just as suddenly adds to this disjointed and broken-up vibe the EP aims for. For the most part, it does what it aims for but sometimes it lays into it too much. For example, in the track “Burn”, at the end of the pre-chorus section, there is a lot of instrumentation that starts off sounding excellent with overdriven noise and reversed sound. But it suddenly it hits a very harsh drum sound which doesn’t fit here at all. However, moving these drums into the background for the next section is very effective and helps fill out the track.

“Satellite” and “Lost” are definitely standout tracks in my eyes, keeping the instrumentation and shattered sounds in the background. Focusing on the main interest and keeping the rest minimal, the vocals shine through amazingly. Whether it’s the harmonies or main vocal, they all work together to produce this choir of angelic noise. I do wish that the build-up throughout “Satellite” had a better payoff as it seemed to just fizzle out instead of hitting a drop that would fit the electronic genre.

Lyrically, a lot of these tracks seem to deal with a feeling of divergence from everyone else. Shown particularly in “Satellite” and “Alièn” in lyrics such as “Disconnected from the world, you’re a long way from home” and of course “I’m an alien”. And of course the lyrics about love which is prevalent in all genres of music. “Lost” and “Burn” seem to deal with these ideas and give a more classic and reliable formula to songwriting.

A song I haven’t touched on much is “Sun”, the final song in the EP. This is the shortest track, displaying the smoother side of the artist compared to the broken-up instrumentation and heavy 808’s. It is a fantastic end to any selection of songs, bringing back aspects of each of the songs in smaller, bite sized, chunks. The choir sound is back to guide the main vocals, a bit of the disjointed sound is back in the middle (albeit not as harshly) and the melancholic lyrics.

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