Alright, folks, gather around. We’re diving into the Parisian pop ocean today with Annabelle Walt’s debut EP, “Chills.” This French sensation has cooked up a four-track journey that’s got us riding waves of ethereal pop, dipping into hypnotic beats, and emerging on the other side both refreshed and contemplative.

Let’s kick things off with the title track, “Chills.” Annabelle hits us straight away with her dreamy vocals, which float over an ambient soundscape that’s as cool as a summer evening in the City of Lights. The track builds gently, layering synths and a touch of Arabic influence that adds a unique flavor. It’s got that vibe where you feel like you’re wandering through a misty Parisian street at dawn, wondering about life’s mysteries while trying not to trip on cobblestones. Walt’s vocal performance here is both tender and powerful, showcasing her ability to convey deep emotion without ever feeling forced.

Next up, “Secret” shifts gears slightly but keeps us locked in. This one’s got a bit more of a beat, pulling in some electro-pop elements that give it a subtle groove. The lyrics dive into the complexity of relationships. It’s seductive and assertive, a perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever had a clandestine love affair or simply enjoys the thrill of the unknown. Constructively, I’d say a bit more punch in the chorus wouldn’t hurt.

“When The Sun Goes Down” feels like the soundtrack to a midnight drive along the Seine. This track is all about empowerment and introspection, blending Annabelle’s vocals with a bassline that you can feel in your bones. It’s got that late-night, contemplative feel—perfect for those moments when you’re looking out the window, pondering your place in the universe, or just figuring out how to get over your ex.

Finally, “Shell” wraps up the EP with a slower, more intimate vibe. Annabelle bares her soul here, touching on themes of self-confidence and doubt. The Arabic influences peek through again, adding a nice exotic twist that keeps things interesting.

Overall, “Chills” is a solid debut that showcases Annabelle Walt’s potential to be a standout in the pop scene. Her fusion of traditional pop with Arabic and electro influences creates a sound that’s both familiar and refreshingly unique. It’s feminist, assertive, and sensual—a true testament to her artistry. For those of you who are bored of the cookie-cutter pop acts clogging up your playlists, Annabelle Walt is a breath of fresh Parisian air.

So, grab a glass of your favorite wine, sit back, and let “Chills” take you on a ride. You might just find yourself catching feelings—or at the very least, a chill or two.

Cheers, and happy listening!