We review the new EP from Harry Marshall – Not Yet

Harry Marshall has been kicking around the music scene for a while, having been involved in various projects and releasing the odd bit of solo work too. Only now, though, are we getting his long-awaited debut EP ‘Not Yet‘.

Described as an EP that ‘blends inspirations from both the 90’s and 80’s letting the influence of each era lift the other up with Harry’s silky-smooth vocals soaring over alternative-pop organic and electronic sounds’, Harry sets himself up for a big display of everything he has to offer.

‘The Times’ starts everything off, and immediately you know what you’re getting into. Guided through this indie bop by Marshall’s snappy melodies, this continues on across the EP as you are narrated through it. It seems the description provided was pretty accurate.

One thing that’s clear is Marshall is experimenting with his songwriting. He has an innate ability to create a fast-paced, catchy tune that will get anyone to hum along, such as ‘Summer Fires’ and the 2020 single ‘Pressure’s On’. But he’s also no stranger to the quiet emotional tracks. The songs ‘how would i know ?’ and ‘Cold Outside’ see a more serious, romantic side to his music. 

Not only has he mixed up the moods, but also the sounds. The electronic noises said to be used in the EP stand out in ‘Just Drive’. It’s here that Marshall shows he’s not just a one-trick pony. Every song on this EP could stand alone as a single, and you wouldn’t pick any out as weaker than the rest.

At this point, you’re probably thinking it’s a lot of songs for an EP, and you’d be right. It can’t go unsaid that ‘Not Yet,’ feels a lot more like an album, and maybe it should just be considered an album.

Talking about the EP and about going through one of toughest times in his life, Harry said ‘’I had flown to Malta to spend Christmas with my drummer and drunk on a beach at 3am, he told me a similar story of what he was going through when we first met; the struggle, the pain, the temptation of throwing in the towel but he didn’t because I kept telling him not yet. So that’s what this EP is to me now, a reminder that I’m not finished, not yet.’’. 

Harry has channelled this energy and emotion into his work, and it shines through.

Perhaps it shines through the most in the two new songs that feature, ‘Think Wildly’ and ‘Lighthouse’. Tackling themes of feeling like an outsider, struggling with mental health, and opening up and feeling vulnerable, a lot has been poured into these songs. They complete the EP, and make it a whole package of music to appreciate.

‘Not Yet,’ is a collection of chart-worthy tracks of high-quality production that are definitely worth a listen. Check it out and let us know what you think!