La Palma
La Palma


Indie music doesn’t know what hit it, La Palma is a group that are here to stay. Having released their self-titled debut album about four years ago, it was about time we had some new music to cherish after a 8 month break. Sounding somewhere between psychedelia and an indie-folk atmosphere, the band reminds me slightly of the style of Bombay Bicycle Club and their intimate production style.

Flowing through dreamy psych-pop with transparent textures, ‘Hawks In The Sky’ is a journey through nostalgia. Drawing inspiration from bird watching at home, this is the perfect song to listen to when you’re staring at the beautiful sky, watching the world go by. I love the chord progression towards the end with its chromatic direction – a truly mesmerising number.

‘Rock Creek’ is another naturistic step forward for the duo, and is about absorbing patience and solace from the river behind vocalist Tim Gibbon’s house in Washington DC. Seamlessly flowing through a contemporary production and vintage swirls, there’s room to breathe within this number and pause whatever you’re doing and take it in. Wrapping up the EP is upbeat sun-soaked ‘Feather Sticks’ that would happily sit on a soundtrack from the film ‘Juno’. Only just over a minute long, it’s an instrumental number that you could listen to for a needed serotonin boost.

The style of La Palma is stunning and they certainly know what path to take with their sound. Distinctive and not like anything else on the market, Red-tailed River captures you and reminds you to love everything around you.