We review the new EP from Live On Acid – Fragile Minds

If you’re not keen on pulsing electronic music then you might not be in the right place, but if you set your sights on a rave in a dingy basement at the weekend then you’ll love this new EP. Manchester duo Live On Acid are bringing five fresh tracks to your ears in the form of their new EP ‘Fragile Minds’.

Released on Self Destructing Robot, ‘Fragile Minds’ is the duo’s fourth EP on the Manchester label. 

Although there are five tracks, technically it’s two tunes that have been remixed as well. Don’t be expecting much of a genre change in the remixes though, as they are still (as put by the duo) ‘unapologetically electronic’.

The title track is a pulsating piece of computerised madness. You can close your eyes and picture the strobe lights flashing across your face, packed in a room of people like sardines. It’s first remix counterpart, taken on by Cardiff artist The Running Man, has a darker, dirtier feel to it. The Running Man put their own spin on it, and adds a fresh style to the track.

‘Fragile Minds’ has also been remixed by Roughion, who also happens to hail from Cardiff. This take on the track has a bit more of a jungle twist to it, with more of a free-flowing feel, and sets itself apart from the other versions in its sound.

Fitting nicely in as the second original tune on the EP is ‘Ether’. ‘Ether’ has a cleaner and crisper sound, aside from the heavy bass synth, but at almost seven minutes long it becomes slightly repetitive after a while. I imagine, however, that when out clubbing, the repetitive groove would make for a perfect dancing partner.

To round off the EP, we get a remix of ‘Ether’ by Fast Ghost. Fast Ghost continues the trend of separating the remix enough from the original to make it it’s own track. That seems like an obvious thing to say, but there was always the risk of the whole EP sounding too similar. Fortunately, for Live On Acid, that is not the case.

Check out the ‘Fragile Minds’ EP from the 8th October, and show Live On Acid some love!