We review the new EP from Lochlan Shaw – A Part of Me Will Always Be You

This five track release from Yorkshire singer-songwriter Lochlan Shaw has a bit of everything. Packed full of ever changing moods, it takes you on somewhat of an twenty seven minute long emotional rollercoaster, which leaves you both exhausted and exhilarated.

Then She Moves opens the EP with a beautifully balanced mix of emotion and energy which complement each other perfectly. The vocals have a wonderfully soft feel to them, putting across a deepness which convinces you he means every word he utters throughout the track, whilst the instrumentals add the needed little kick to his sound as they build and fall, with some distant sparkly guitar riffs ever-present.

We then move forward onto Glasgow Streets. A track with a slightly more stripped back sound than the opener, it succeeds further in showcasing Shaw’s engrossing vocals with less distraction from the sounds which it sits atop. There is clearly more of a sense of longing buried in the heart of this one, not quite as wistful as what’s come before, but it suits him perfectly, and he excels in putting across such emotion in a such simplistic sound.

Perhaps the highlight of this emotional rollercoaster he presents through his lyrics comes in the form of To See You With Another. This is the purest of the songs throughout the EP. Minimalistic, to the extent where it is really stripped back to the barebones, Shaw really relies solely on his songwriting and his voice to pull you in with this one, and it works. As the title suggests, this track bemoans lost love, also lending one of its lyrics to the title of the EP itself, and presenting honest, raw emotion which quivers in his voice from start to finish.

I Remember Flower Blossom Hill provides a counter to what’s come before it. It’s a track about fighting spirit, about breaking out of the shackles of the bleakness you may find around you and rising again. After showing us his deepest darkest recesses in the last track, this one instead gives you hope, letting you know that in the end, you will be okay. Resurrecting those more striking riffs from the opening tune, it feels somewhat like we’ve already come full circle, and he’s told us an engrossing story through his music, and this isn’t even the last track.

The closer, in fact, comes though She Decorates The Day. After the ups and downs throughout the EP it feels nice to finish with a steady love song, one that whilst not as emotionally thrilling as some of the others, still has infectiously catchy qualities.

A Part of Me Will Always Be You is a fantastically put together release. It tos and fros throughout, but has been built in such a way that you truly feel you have been given an insight into Shaw on a personal level, and have traveled through this experience with him. It’s an EP that needs to be heard from start to finish to fully appreciate, and that’s exactly what you should do. Take a listen below.