We review the new EP from Manchester band Pyncher – Chew

Manchester-based four-piece Pyncher have finally unleashed their debut EP into the wild. The tastefully named ‘Chew’ is comprised of four tracks and you may just recognise the first half of this record..

Written together over the last couple of years, we open with last month’s creeping release Frogs and Tomatoes’, a moody and ominous start for sure. This eclectic track manages to be calm, jazzy and sinister all at once – peppered with the screams, shouts and giggles of the band throughout.

December debut single ‘Dirty Feet follows up as track two showing another side to Pyncher. The pace is quickened, the mood is playful – it’s a feisty, beat-heavy, in-your-face number packed with peppy drums and forthright vocals to boot.

Next up, the title track ‘Chew’ kicks in – chosen because it was the first song in which the band felt they had really found their sound. There’s a creeping, crawling, almost oscillating element to this one all building towards a bitingly heavy crescendo around the 2.25 mark. Vocal delivery varies from bordering on the spoken word all the way to a cacophony of shouts matching that build of pace.

Stand-out tune and crowd favourite ‘Slow Down’ rounds off this extended play in the best way. Filled with angst, high-energy and incredibly mosh-worthy –  it’s a paradox of sorts as this track feels like it only speeds up if anything and is probably the most fast-paced tune on the record despite it’s title. Filled with menacing guitar riffs and cymbals that’ll make your bones shake. It’s pretty damn catchy too!

‘Chew EP’ is a fifteen-minute mastication of stops, fits, starts, and playfully comical lyricism. From a slower opening with ‘Frogs and Tomatoes’ all the way to the frenetic energy of ‘Slow Down’ –it’s like chewing on a gobstopper until that sour center pops and fizzes on your tongue.