Mindwrack is a hardcore, nu metal styled solist from London. Influences from bands such as Fire from the gods, put this band in between a rap style and a screaming metal genre.

This EP shows off some songwriting talent, genre exploration, and a gentle touch among the rough and harshness of the genres at play.

The wide variety of styles on “Orbire” shows off some great ability. Going from songs like “Selfsame”, containing heavy, screams and fast-paced energy, into a song like “3:56”, with slow, melodic phrasing and a deep emotional core is very interesting.

One downside of this EP would be the production of the vocals, the instrumentation all works really well together. But then the vocals jump over the top more or less raw with no effects and are extremely overpowering. I would recommend pushing these vocals a slight bit further back and adding some distortion or play with more effects for some of these songs.

Despite this, a lot of the songs come through really cleanly, Dawn I is a beautiful, melancholic daydream. Showcasing a slower side to the sound of this band, it displays a vulnerability through the instrumentation and vocal power.

I think this band really shines with their use of the laid-back side, intermittently being broken up by these heavy, headbangers and strong riffs. It is something a lot of bands struggle with, finding that line between too slow and too heavy.

On the whole, I think this EP is a nice start for these guys, showcasing a lot of diverse skills that they can use to push their sound out and forward. With a bit of work on the vocals and mix of the songs, and continuing to find their style, these guys could really come into their own.