We review the new EP from Mouk – Not For Me

Tales of love, loss, toxic relationships, and everything in-between, Australian singer-songwriter Mouk. has a brand new EP ‘Not For Me’ that is packed with emotion.

At the forefront of every track is Mouk.’s distinctive voice, which at no point hides behind the indie-pop support. The musical backing doesn’t become excessively complicated or intricate, because it doesn’t need to be, it simply does its job in providing a platform for Mouk. to sing her stories over.

Opening the EP is the track ‘Lemon, Lime & Bitters’, which Mouk. says is the first song she ever completed. It’s jaunty guitar is paired with a story of a past relationship that seems to have turned sour. If you thought you couldn’t get more bitter than the song’s title, wait until you hear the lyrics.

‘Ready To Lose’ is the next song, and introduces a more positive tone to the EP. Cheerful vocals about love run right through the core of this track. The polar opposites of mood in the first and second songs show a strong demonstration of Mouk.’s diversity in songwriting. Sometimes the lyrics edge towards clichés, but the Australian does just enough to not go so cheesy that there’s no return. 

She continues on this path of songwriting variety with both ‘Simple’ and ‘Red’. These songs show a softer side to Mouk.’s sound. A side that is more vulnerable, more open, and sheds a light on the amount of emotion Mouk. pours into her music. 

Saying herself that her music has a focus on ‘strength through vulnerability, growth, queer love and community’, aiming to ‘be a voice for the voiceless and a comfort for the neurodiverse and queer population in Australia’, she’ll be glad to know that her strength shines clearly through this set of songs.

Mouk. rounds off the EP with the faster-paced ‘Focus’. This is a track ‘based around the idea of pushing past feelings of inferiority to achieve your goals’. Carrying a feeling of Mouk. taking the next step in her life and in her musical career, it seems fitting to end things on this tune. It gives a sense of promise for what is to come next. 

For now you can listen to ‘Not For Me’, and just wait to see what Mouk. does next.