A four track offering from the Norwich rockers which sways between punk, grunge and indie as they give their full repertoire in a short burst.

The EP explodes into life with opener, Queens. The heavy riffs provide an intro fitting for any rock n roll piece, with the raw ire of the track forcing you to take notice even this early. Unrelenting from start to finish, this tune sets the bar for what is to come, and makes you worry slightly if they can maintain the level throughout.

Determined not to be overshadowed, Darkest Times which follows allows the instrumental ferocity to drop a little but more than makes up for it with its slightly more melodic and rhythmic sound. Showcasing their versatility, this track relies less on that initial punch you get from the opening track, and instead presents some more polished riffs which sparkle a little more. The vocals also tone it down slightly, impressing not just with passion and power but with more precision.

Into The Light steps forward next, the murkiest and grungiest of the tracks on the EP. The rumbling bass as it builds to begin sets the platform for a purposefully dingy tune in opposition to its name, but it works brilliantly. You detect a real anger from both the lyrics and the music throughout this one. Every word and every chord feels like it is meant fully and from somewhere deep. There are certainly no half measures and nothing left to be desired here, and you almost feel exhausted when it clashes to a close.

A more anthemic closer as they once again change tempo with Dreams. A more settled indie track with an instantly memorable melody that runs through the chorus, this is possibly the highlight on of the EP, though it is tough to say as the tracks feel very mood-dependant. It ambles through the verses always ready to burst again back into that chorus which is again accompanied by some rather vicious riffs.

The only thing that Dreams leaves to the imagination is how this would sound in a venue. As good as the EP sounds through a stereo, it feels set up so perfectly to be performed live. Each track is different, but all equally have something which cries out that it would sound even more perfect being pumped through amps at the front of a stage.

This is a varied and ultra-impressive offering from these guys, demonstrating how frantic but conversely mature their sound already is. They have packed in different influences, different sounds, and a barrel full of noise into these four tracks and we look forward to what is to come next