We review the new EP from SINS – Algorithms

Portsmouth four piece indie rockers storm into action with this new four-track EP which combines a reflectionary look at the world around them with riffs to lift any bleakness heavenward. Having already revealed several singles and played several notable support slots since forming in 2019, this debut EP feels like a culmination of serval years of work, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The opening track Sinking Like The Sun possesses poetic lyrics which take a piercing look into the melancholic experience of modern life and gets the EP off to a sombre but strangely beautiful start. Flutters of guitar as the verses plod along, but the track is very much carried along by the vocals and lyrical content. It does pick up the pace with a powerful exclamation of the title rather than a big chorus, which compliments the rest of the track perfectly.

There’s distinctly a little extra funkiness packed into the follow-up, I Think I’m In Love. From the off, a little rumbling bass rhythm supported by a flashy guitar riff gives it a much fuller sound than its predecessor and you’d have to be pretty stubborn to resist the urge to get up and have a little dance around to this one. “I think I’m in love, in love with a Tory, lock me up in purgatory” cries the irresistibly catchy chorus of what proves to be the highlight of EP full of high points.

High is instantly recognisable as being by far the heaviest track on the album. The glittery guitar rhythms are traded for piercing riffs which persist from start to finish through the track and force everything else to be taken up a notch to compete with the noise, with exhilarating results. The transition from britpop-revival indie to a proper rock ‘n’ roll belter is so seamless it’s almost hard to believe you are still listening to the same band as this three-minute barnstormer flashes by in what seems like seconds without wavering once. A welcome change up to keep you on your toes, and showcases just how versatile they have become in their years building up to this release.

Whilst you’re still catching your breath they move into the closing track Line Manager. A lighter, more acoustic-driven track to bring your heart rate back down, it again relies on the impressive lyrical content which is invariably good all the way through Algorithms, shockingly good in fact for a band making their debut with this release. It seems almost redundant to say at this point, but the talent and diversity throughout this EP are striking, and these boys are going to go very, very far if they can maintain this level with their future releases. Good luck following this one up!