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Glittering with a huge anthemic sound, ‘A Love Story With Oneself’ is a triumph for Liverpool-based artist SYLLO. The solo project of Joel James, this EP revolves around relationships, both romantic and platonic, exploring heartfelt emotion through charismatic vocals and earworm melodies. SYLLO combines ambient synth hooks with big drum samples to craft his own unique that is rooted in the UK rock and pop sound.

Opening with the massive ‘You Are My Remedy’, SYLLO delivers electric energy to kick off his EP. A truly anthemic track, this song is filled with catchy hooks and powerful vocal performance. SYLLO proves his metal, following this with the balladic ‘Daydreamer’, showing off the range of his artistry. Flowing melodies and rocking drum breaks give this track a candid emotional feel.

Poppier in sound, ‘We Could Have It All’ sees the SYLLO settle into the rhythm of this EP. There’s a real self assuredness present in this EP. SYLLO sings from his chest, proud of the sound he has created. It’s hard to pin down the influences, names flit in and out of the soundscape, ranging from the 1975 to Peace. These songs are carefully structured with poppy hooks and vocals, paired with crafted drum and instrumental lines that perfectly support the journey of the EP.

‘Be There’ picks up the pace as we hurtle towards the end of the EP. Pacey drums drive this one forward, with a fun synth line breaking up the vocals and adding something new to the picture of this EP. The project closes with ‘I Tried to Run’, a huge track that sees SYLLO reaching for the stars. You can hear the ambition and drive in his voice, and easily imagine hearing this song on the radio.

Overall this is a strong EP from SYLLO, who displays maturity in his songwriting and musicianship. A perfectly balanced EP, you get the sense that this has been a carefully laboured project, everything in its right place. SYLLO tries to do a lot with this EP, showcasing the range and depth of his artistry and voice, and it’s fair to say that he doesn’t fall short. ‘A Love Story With Oneself’ flows effortlessly, and delivers a professional and slick sound that SYLLO should be proud of.