We review the new EP from T.R. Burge – God Ache

Manchester musician T.R. Burge’s debut EP ‘God Ache’ is perfect evidence for how great music can be out there and be completely under the radar, still waiting to be found. 

Whilst most probably won’t know of Burge, it only takes a few seconds of listening to his music to understand exactly what he’s going for.

His charming vocals are paired with perfectly balanced instrumentals to produce an overall soothing tone that makes for really easy listening. You can imagine sitting on a quiet afternoon and enjoying a peaceful moment to yourself with ‘God Ache’ playing.

The opening track to the EP, ‘Solid Ground’, is a catchy, rolling introduction which utilises delicate interwoven melodies of guitar and piano combined with a dancing bassline. It pulls you through and brings an instant sense of intrigue into listening to the remaining tracks.

‘My God He Is a Fool’ comes next. A perfect insight into the story-telling ability of Burge, this is yet another subdued but winsome song to take in.

The strong first half to the EP sets up the second half with high expectations. Whilst this may be unfair to expect even more from Burge, ‘Oslo’ and ‘God Ache’ feel like the weaker two of the four tracks. This is not to say that they aren’t still enjoyable listens, as they still show off elements of Burge’s enticing songwriting, but they seem to be missing a part of the attractive, catchy sense of the first two tracks.

Above all else, what Burge really needs to do is to spread his music far and wide. I can imagine there’s plenty of people who would really take to his songs, and it only takes the right publicity for people to catch on. There’s definitely an audience out there for T.R. Burge, they just need to find him.

If you want to find out for yourself then listen to ‘God Ache’ down below and let us know what you think!