We Review The New EP From The Feral Kings

Stockport’s hard-rock four-piece, The Feral Kings provides roaring riffs and glittering American rock influences throughout their five-track EP.

Right away from the group’s opener, Kill Me Now, you’re treated to ripping solos and soaring vocals that have all the makings of classic USA rock and a hint of grunge. Imagine if you will Foo Fighters being crossed with Stone Sour and you’d have The Feral Kings.

The group is releasing a single every week up until the EP’s official release in early November, but track two, I’m Falling has seen quite a bit of stream play so far. The vocals are the highlight early on with a wide vocal range required for such a genre to make an impact. Behind that, we have chugging guitars and bending strings with some fine production on the drums that bleed through so nicely.

Into the bridge, I’m Falling follows a similar and accessible formula of ripping solos and heavier rhythmic guitars to give you that impending dread feeling. To say a band from Stockport is making this sound is admirable, but thinking back to the onslaught of hard-rock we received in the ’00s, I don’t think I’m hearing anything fresh and exciting.

Medusa starts to slip away from that American hard-rock sound and the vocals are more spoken throughout the verses. The chorus’ lyrical rhyming has that Iron Maiden feel, but this writing feels lazy and meaningless. If you just want a song to rock out to then you will have found it here.

Reaper begins as a crowd enticer and one that would look for interaction with its “whoa-oh” vocals. The guitar playing has certainly calmed down as we’ve progressed to the latter half of the EP with the odd break between verses picking up the pace and versatility.

My Frankenstein begins with a dramatic instrumental minute as we reach the penultimate closer. The vocal delivery is much more engrossing than what we’d heard previously with rising and emotional harmonies. This closing track is a real onslaught and a treat, with its high-velocity solo action of 80s proportions. I can’t believe I’ve had to wait for five tracks to really have my attention grabbed and now we’re at the finishing line.

I hope the band also realise Frankenstein was the scientist…

If you like your hard rock with crunching guitars and fat solos then The Feral Kings are the band for you. The main disappointment is that this band who imitates every American hard rock band they’ve heard has imitated too much and not brought anything new to the table. It is an oversaturated genre if I’m being honest, but for those who are fans of this style, I’m sure they’ll look forward to hard rock coming from a group of Manchester lads.