We review the new EP from Unwanted Guest

Using the quiet afforded by last year’s lockdowns, Dave Fox of Barnsley rock band Seventh Son has written, recorded and released his debut solo EP. This four-track EP release is complete with a lyric video for title track ‘Unwanted Guest’.

Pulling out his own influences from rock and metal, ‘Unwanted Guest’ sits on the melodic side of metal, with brilliant riffs, fat textures, and big vocal lines.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Unwanted Guest’ which bolts out the gate with a big distorted riff that opens up into heavily layered vocals. The main riff for this track borders on the glamorous side of rock before falling into the more typical metal sound. All of this is underpinned by the steady bashing drums that drive the whole thing forward. Hints of the organ in the chorus give this track a classic rock feel and ‘Unwanted Guest’ sets us up nicely for the rest of the EP.

‘Waterfall’ gives us more frenzied energy, as Fox​​ speeds through the verses to level out in the more open chorus. Delivering a Foo Fighters type vibe on this one, ‘Waterfall’ also gives us a satisfying breakdown, with overdriven distorted guitars swirling towards an intricate guitar solo.

Dave Fox keeps the energy up with the third track ‘Takin’ All the Money’ which feels like a social commentary track, with incredibly poignant lyrics. “Health instead of wealth” sticks out in the first verse as a reflection of the turbulent past year we have all faced. Screaming guitars take over after the breakdown, perfectly showcasing Fox’s musicianship. Written and recorded independently, Fox played every instrument on this EP, making it all the more impressive.

The EP closes with the raucous track ‘Future Not Fear’. The grittiness of the main riff is counterbalanced nicely by the layered and harmony chorus vocals. ‘Future Not Fear’ is a triumphant close to the EP which was written over the course of 18 months. Electric guitar solos rip through the mix as the song climaxes into the final chorus. ‘Future Not Fear’ leaves us hungry for more from Dave Fox, and hopefully, it won’t be too long of a wait.

Dave Fox hopes to continue his solo journey with the view to put out a full album in the future.

All proceeds from ‘Unwanted Guest’ will be going to the UK’s leading mental health charity MIND.

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