We review the new EP from Vlure – Euphoria

It’s been a long time since Scotland was a major force in the British music scene, the likes of Simple Minds, Big Country, Deacon Blue and even Wet Wet Wet all date back to the 1980‘s. There’s a few recent challengers finally breaking through now some 30 years later, the likes of Man of Moon, Walt Disco, and The Ninth Wave are all offering incredible performances live and making advances but 1 band seems to be pushing for that need to see spot and that’s Vlure, a band just waiting for the numbers to listen to them to catch up with the performance they put out.

I caught them on their 1st Headline tour late last year from this Glaswegian 5 piece and only one word covered their performance, intense.
Hamish Hutcheson, the lead singer makes sure he and you connect – prowling the audience looking each member in the eye which on the results of this EP is going to be a difficult task going forward as audiences will grow after this debut EP release which is both intimating and connecting in equal measure.

The opening track Show Me How To Live Again sets the stage of the power and product of Vlure, using a hook sounding like built from a riff from the opening scene of the movie Blade they’re hitting hard crossing musical genres that will catch Dance, Indie and Metal lovers as well as others sub genres in-between it’s difficult not to be captured.

Heartbeat follows a similar intensity, more Dance in its design and again sampling sounds from the past 40 years of music it’s highs remind you of the likes of Faithless but there are memories of Rave nights amongst many hanging in there too.

Storm, the 3rd track is something of a depart from the other 4 tracks on the EP, it shows the expansion of their abilities from future anthemic tracks, again there’s a massively 80’s influence happening but a degree in Glaswegian would help to understand what Hamish is singing about as his accent is strong in this but thankfully I’m pretty conversational in it, it’s pretty deep but the tracks still enjoyable for those who may struggle.

I Won’t Run (From Love). Easily the most commercial track on the EP but it doesn’t distract from its composition and one of those you can expect to hear going forward in certain TV segments in the future..

It’s the opus of the final track Euphoria tho where you really find the meat and bones of the band, a wonderful piano introduction that builds into what is absolutely a euphoric experience the EP is named from, seeing it performed live is captured perfectly in the studio recording, a track that anyone with a musical soul will be instantly hitting repeat as it comes to an end.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of bands over the past 40 or so years but Vlure genuinely send the spider senses tingling like very few bands do, check them out and see them in small venues whilst you still can become I doubt the crowd will be counted in the tens like it was for me for much longer.