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Genre defying Manchester based band Hello Cosmos latest release “Hard Dirt (Remixed) is an invigorating, intergalactic mash-up of tracks from both their debut LP “Dream Harder” and critically acclaimed mixtape “Golden Dirt” remixed with an exuberant electronic twist.

Sticking to their eclectic roots that define the music of Hello Cosmos “Hard Dirt (Remixed) sees the band collaborating with a multitude of artists including remixer of Brian Eno and Tame Impaler Richard Norris and the afrocentric electronica queen Catu Diosis to name just few. With each musician adding their own flavour to the remix, “Hard Dirt (Remixed)” is even more magically miscellaneous than both of its predecessors – an impressive feat for a band known for their hybrid musical creations.

Beginning with some of the album’s absolute highlights, the opening and titular track “Golden Dirt” remixed by Hereldeduke is a funk electronic banger. Evocative of 80s new wave bands such as The Talking Heads with its surreal and utterly elevating sound “Golden Dirt” is an opener that immediately charms the listener.

The following track “Raise the Dawn” remixed by Joe Thompson serves the same 80’s inspired disco-funk with an electrifying build-up and astronomical crescendo. This space-age feel builds on throughout the entirety of “Hard Dirt (Remixed)” as each remix gives birth to its own alien from space in the form of music.

The track “Metaverse” remixed by Catu Diosis stands as a shining example of this. Masterfully fusing her own afrocentric electronic sound with the apocalyptic track the result is an afrobeat/hyper-pop/electro sensation which completely elevates the song into outer-space and perfectly compliments its futuristic themes.

“Summer Will Come” remixed by indie-electronica band FOXTRAP sees the band adding their ambient, astral tone to the original track to create a uniquely hazy and otherworldly being with melodic female vocals adding a further heavenly touch. Joe Thompson, who appears as remixer most frequently on the album, once again impresses with his remix of “Let Love Be The Island On Which We Stand” which itself adds female vocals to its soaring sonic melodies.

As well as its astrological aura, there is a strong sense of coming-togetherness and community celebration to “Hard Dirt (Remixed)”, particularly on tracks from the lockdown born mixtape “Golden Dirt”. For example, on the track “Loud Is Beautiful” remixed by Madame Electrifie there is a rousing tone to its instrumental build-up, accompanied by the blasting vocals of Hello Cosmos own Ben Robinson which are steadfast through the entire album as if making a paramount announcement to the human race from some kind of musical spaceship.

The closing track, “Old Friends Know” remixed by Lost Colours ends the album on an anthemic note completing its grand finale with piano chords and a stirring chorus.

All in all, “Hard Dirt (Remixed) is a remix album made to truly blast the socks off its listener with its celestial soundscape, confirming that the future of Hello Cosmos looks equally innovative and astounding.