In a bold yet intimate affair, Copenhagen singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Casper Iskov has left fans in awe with his latest Live Session. Coming in at just under 35 minutes, the video, which premiered on YouTube, sees Iskov perform eight of his top tracks.

Speaking on the session, Iskov details his efforts and motivations in producing the video: “I think it’s very important in this world that we live in of perfection and autotune, to be able to make something that is pure and raw.” And each imperfection, though barely detectable, adds an element of charm to the performance.

The opening tracks Face and Bible possess similar qualities. Cheery guitar riffs lead with a clangy, indie-esque tone while simple yet effective drums wrap around melodic basslines. What’s more impressive are the visuals, which capture Iskov’s one-man performance from several different angles.

Almost Likeable and San Freecisco follow, both starting with the more reflective arrangement of guitar and vocals. Lyrical phrases appear on the screen as the songs roll into action, evoking a familiarity that adds depth to the tunes.

Iskov’s confidence grows as the session progresses with Seven Layers Smiling At Andy. He moves with the music, flaunting his instrumental skills while absorbing the musicality in every beat, and thoroughly enjoying it. His songs incarnate beyond their recorded versions.

The words precaution could have saved you, who knew the future is something never lasting? introduce the final track. Father is the session’s longest track, boasting melancholy progressions and raw emotion that’s emphasised in the live setting. It’s wet with sorrow compared to the previous tracks but serves as an impactful ending to the session.

This live session breathes new life into Casper Iskov’s songs, and sees his musical talents shine brighter than ever before. You can view the session here.