“I’m dead to the world, I don’t know where I’ve been”

Noel Gallagher may very well have been away on a journey in his mind, but with “Dead to The World” he shows that he is, in fact, very much still alive.

If you didn’t know better, you could almost swear that Noel Gallagher was repaying the favour to Aurora for bringing “Half The World Away” back in to popularity with the current younger generations, by covering one of her songs. It’s easy to imagine the Norwegian star-child working her magic on this one, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see this released as another homage in the near future.  

The soaring, dancing melody wraps itself around the sumptuously dreamy strings, sauntering guitar and the sprinkles of tambourine (is it even a Noel Gallagher song if it doesn’t have a tambourine?) to create a captivating blend of sixties’ psychedelia, haunting lullaby and classic Bond theme.

The only shame is that there isn’t a new Bond film to coincide with this release, as no song has provided a more fitting reminder of the Cubby Broccoli classics in years. That’s not meant as a slight on the recent Bond themes, but this really hits the mark.

Gallagher himself claims that this is his personal favourite track from his upcoming album “Council Skies” and you can see why, even without needing to listen to the rest of them.

It has this film noir vibe. It’s not like anything else I’ve ever done before. It’s very melancholic, but I like that.”

It’s not hard to agree with him on the fact that this is unlike anything ever previously created by the former Oasis icon. It’s certainly a far cry from the days of “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory”, with the crashing drums and tirelessly invasive guitars switched out for swathes of strings and waves of effortlessly evocative accordion.

This appears to be a firm step into the song-writing maturity you’d expect from a 55 year old, wracked by the dramas and distress of a tempestuous personal and professional life over the last few decades. Bear in mind that Noel Gallagher has never been particularly viewed as an immature songwriter, so these words aren’t used lightly, but this latest offering catapults him into much deeper, soulful territory.

“If love ain’t enough, to make it alright, leave me dead to the world”

Is this an empassioned cry to his brother, former friend and right hand? It’s no small secret that the Gallagher brothers don’t see eye to eye on almost anything, and despite sending half the world away on a mission to pray for an Oasis revival, it’s hard not to notice the connection between their current state of play and the lyrics that Noel paints his pain with.

Yet with the line;

“If you say so, I’ll bend over backwards for love”

It seems that Noel is still leaving the door open for the contingency of putting aside their differences, burying the hatchet, extending the olive branch and giving the hordes of Oasis fans still yearning for a reunion, exactly what they want.

However, it would seem that the move would have to be made with love, which hasn’t exactly been the tone of conversation in recent years.

Usually when a new High Flying Birds (or Beady Eye) track is released, the first thought is “so far, s’Oasis” but that’s certainly not the case here.

Will they ever reunite? Who knows.

If Noel is going to keep releasing music of this calibre, then perhaps it’s best to leave him Dead To The World.

For now.