We review the new release ‘Better Times’ by Glow Beets

The first single of the year for EDM producer Glow Beets, and we can assure you, it’s an exceptional return. At RGM, we’re a huge fan of Jonny Amos, aka the mastermind behind Glow Beets. “Better Times” continues his empowering persona and looks to the future with an uplifting, positive attitude.

Working alongside iconic UK singer-songwriter Joe Jury, Jury’s vocals soar throughout and give an indication that times truly do get better.

Moving towards the beginning of the end of the global pandemic, ‘Better Times’ also feels like the start of a new era for Jonny. The new single is being released on the Italian label Milleville Records, and is armed with all the usual Glow Beets signature sounds.

Using percussive rhythms, electric vocals and a production that will leave you running heads first for a dancefloor when it drops in a clud, ‘Better Times’ is euphoric and easily one of, if not, the best Glow Beets tracks to date.

A hopeful yet melancholic house song that fuses elements of a singer-songwriter vibe with summer soaked tropical house, ‘Better Times’ will leave you engrossed.