Fun, witty and futuristic new single from Manchester based multi-instrumentalist and producer Colorful Crimes combines an array of electronic and indie elements to create a track that is innovative and invigorating.  

Lyrically “Want It” is a window into the mind of a particular type of bigoted and egotistical male that many will be regrettably familiar with. However, this song is far from being depressing despite its topic of choice as Colorful Crimes combines this frustrating narrative with an electrifying dance beat alongside instrumental and vocal twists and turns that are both sudden and yet smoothly transitioned in nature.

With a glitchy, hyper-pop element to it combined with guitar passages evocative of psychedelic indie rock Colorful Crimes creates a futuristic atmosphere by artfully blending these genres together. Jumpy and chaotic sounding, particularly on the chorus of the track, it’s as if the song’s structure reflects the disordered and illogical thinking of its main protagonist which shows an ability to remain conceptually clear that is impressive.  

Catchy hooks and an upbeat feel mean that lines from this track are sure to stick in the listeners head and give it excellent live show potential. Although the track is short running under three minutes in time its length fits its content perfectly and a lot of energy and captivating shifts in sound are crammed into its short but sweet run time.

As well as interesting ideas, Colorful Crimes harbours the production skills needed to bring its story to life and keep “Want It” sounding clear and exuberant from start until finish.