We review the new single ‘All the Way for the Win’ by Christopher George

Christopher George may be a new music artist on the scene, but he certainly knows his way around the industry like no other.

An experienced session musician that’s been working throughout the UK and across the globe for the past decade, Christopher now takes centre stage for his debut single ‘All the Way for the Win. Highly inspired by the funk music scene and yesteryears soul acts, the track is an international effort.

Featuring artists from quite literally everywhere walk of life around the world, the track sees artists from London, US to New Zealand.

Musically, the track is executed well. Vocally, Christopher’s vocals are delicate and convey the story of his own near-miss experience of dating his wife. It feels like the production and vocals could have been more enhanced with a warmer tone.

The vocals seem to play it a bit safe and aren’t as adventurous in melody as hoped. Saying that, the overall reception is funky and easy on the ears.

Armed with a feel-good sound that will kickstart you into the weekend with a well-needed serotonin boost, the dance-worthy track may feel slightly outdated but it will still make you smile and inspire people to get up and dance.