We review the new single ‘At Eye Level’ from EINSAM

Bristol-born producer and songwriter Sam Jackson aka the mind behind project EINSAM presents a new single ‘At Eye Level‘ – taken from a four-track EP due for release November 26th.

Telling the story of representation and looking at the way we view the world, the track is about gaining perspective and persuades listeners to always look at their worries or fears from both sides.

Dynamically building and also gaining momentum via the track’s message, the track pulsates with a post-punk second half that tells the story of the dual relationship with gaining perspective and the impact it has on us.

Taken from EINSAM’s debut EP ‘Samantics’ which mostly covers themes of self-discovery and solitude, ‘At Eye Level’ sits perfectly on the release because of its message.

Driven by pounding drums and a steady, almost spoken vocal, the track moves forwards before hitting a frenzied crescendo, leaving you wanting more.

Armed with a contagious bass line that comes across as heavily electronic inspired, ‘At Eye Level’ is prominently indie based with alternative sensibilities. A track that’s not too complicated to sit in the shadows, the new single could still fit in the charts and would be the perfect addition to new TV adverts.

Impressive work with a note-perfect arrangement.