Mark Winters


An artist with many hats, Mark Winters is one talented guy. A songwriter primarily, but also a witty poet, passionate musician, optimist, family man, and rocket scientist (as you do), this is a musician that doesn’t stick to your typical rulebook, making him a crucial listen.

Back with an Americana wonder, ‘Boundary Layer’ is a gripping release with a jolly arrangement throughout.

The stricture of the song feels slightly safe and follows a simple production and chord progression. Saying that, it fuses Mark’s signature sound of memorable lyrics and witty arrangement to make another string in his ever-changing musical bow.

What I like about the track is that it has a real positive lift to it. It’s the type of number you put on when you’re needing that boost. When you’re needed that encouraging or even guiding light. It’s Inspiring and someone you’d be proud to follow on their career.

His music starts from a place of poetry and creative inspiration and uses his “rocket scientist brain” to find structures that help him explore that initial burst of inspiration and feeling.

It seems this is an artist that knows exactly what he wants and is going to do anything to get to where he should be – with his name in lights. I love the old-school Americana Blues sound – we need more music like Mark Winters’ in the world. It’s a lovely percussive song with an infectious rhythm and a fun number to sing along with.