We review the new single ‘Break My Heart’ by Jordan Jones

A track that instantly comes across as professional and confident, Jordan Jones is an artist destined to leave you heading to your preferred social media platform and following his account.

Armed with gorgeous modulation and subtle silences that gives the track even more dynamics, Break My Heart‘ is a positive offspring from a sour situation.

Written about the true story in which Jordan’s 10 year relationship ended with his ex-fiance cheating on him and them calling off the wedding 1 month before they were supposed to be getting married.

Written from a place that I could only imagine being called ‘hell’, Jordan’s inspiring song showcases that even if you’re been through turbulent times, things can get easier.

Instead of giving up and giving him the motivation to chase after his musical dream, this is the first single of the year, and it certainly will leave you reaching for tissues.

Utterly mesmerising, you can feel Jordan’s pain and sincerity throughout – everything you need from a relatable character.