Ali MacQueen is an artist from London. Blasting out tunes along the lines of Radiohead and Beck, he has found his sound. Specialising in the acoustic guitar lead band and solemn vocals.

“One of These Days” is an energetic burst of echoey instrumentation and Thom Yorke-y vocals. Displaying a fairly lively idea with stabs of distorted guitar and little harmonies of angelic choir backing vocals. The vocal performance is by far the key element in this track. Bringing out the morbid lyricism, the delivery assists create a quality that is hard to pull out of a lot of singers.

The chorus feels almost along the lines of a Brit-pop song, with the backing vocals doing a very common melody in that genre. As well as the fairly simple instrumentation, short chorus and tambourine involved too, it pulls on a very 90s string. Involving the rest of the song, it is a tasteful mix of Radiohead and Oasis.

Towards the end of the song, a distorted guitar comes in to break up the outro and differentiate it from the rest of the track. However, it feels really under-utilised, coming in quite low in the mix and not adding a whole lot to the outro as a whole. I think this could have been an excellent idea if brought forward a bit more, or if it added a different line into the song instead of following as the song had been going.

On the whole, this track has a fantastic, dancey quality to it. With the acoustic guitar and vocals being so beautifully done, it is hard to fault.

As much as I like it as is, an acoustic version of this would sound incredible too. Classy instrumentation and great writing makes this track a great standout song.